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About was started in 1996 by Daniel Travolto
Next to we were the two largest techno websites in the world (and i think the only directories related to electronic music).

We were the first ones to stream a live DJ set (DJ Squid) on the internet directly from the basement of my house.
I needed to obtain a realserver licence at that time and realnetworks gave me a free one after waiting a couple of weeks.
I then hooked up the basement to computer running on the first floor connected to a dedicated 256k line with my own C-Class network (they were really expensive at that time)
The server was immediately overloaded with 100 people trying to listen at the same time.
Amazon AWS or Liveleak didn't exist yet. LOL

This all happened in White Plains when Mark Zuckerberg was 10 and lived 1 mile away from me and i was 16 :-D

contact me on skype for collaboration. skype:danieltravolto

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TechnoHouse & Hyperreal were the first techno & house websites dedicated to electronic music since the beginning of the internet